Vol. X, Issue #3________________________________________________ March 2023

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Trump needs to explain his bank deregulation
Trump and the Republicans got rid of the bank restrictions and that led to two US banks to collapse.

March 28

Trump deregulated railways and banks. He blames Biden for the fallout

March 18

Bernie Sanders says Silicon Valley Bank's failure is the 'direct result' of a Trump-era bank regulation policy
Sadly so, but you won't hear Republicans admitting it.

March 14

States cannot substitute their medical and scientific judgments for judgments FDA has made.
Doing so undermines not only access to medication, but the country’s entire drug regulation system,

March 11

Florida bill would require bloggers to register before writing about DeSantis
Here's a bill that's just begging people to become bloggers and to write about DeSantis.
I, for one, hope to be among the first to thumb my nose at it.

March 5

The Case That Could Ban the Abortion Pill Nationwide Is in the Hands of the Worst Possible Judge

March 1


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