Sagebrush - everywhere.

Here you'll tumble across tidbits of all kinds of science commentary - some important, others maybe not so much.



Commentary - science news...



Ape Discovery, Great

Blindness - a breakrthrough in treating it

Brains - frozen, and brought back to life?

Climate change in Florida? The legislature has outlawed it.

Dinosaurs - could the remains of one be in your backyard?

Dinosaurs - new species discovered

A twist in the rules?
How evolution works
Missing law?

Gars - living fossils

Genyornis newtoni - one very large bird

Life on earth - how did it start?

Live longer - what's involved.

Mars - how we find out more about the planet.

Mites - guests on your skin?

North American human life - how far back does it go?

Population loss - pleistocene ancestors down to 1,280 individuals?

Promethium - an elusive element finally observed

Species, new - "dragon"-like
-- Species, new

Tomato plants - how are yours doing? Use a Raspberry Pi and AI to get feedback.


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