Visual Basic


In a look back at the history of programming, you may remember classes in Assembly Language,
Fortran, C+, C#, DB4, Pascal, PL/1, and the various levels of Basic, up to VB6.
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Then a big jump was made to .Net.
Visual Basic is still around, and has its uses. I just recently thought I'd go back to it, working on a game program.

Chief rule when you start writing something - plan it out, whether it is with a flow diagram or however - plan your steps.
I didn't. I just starting writing. Here's the result:

Visual Basic Game

So now I head for a flowchart, and plan out the steps.
Logic - the fun part of creating.

miro - designing your program

Sampe VB.Net Apps and its Source Code and MSSQL Databases

Here's a snapshot from a later development of the game program.
It does allow for options and chances to move up, or forced downward by various factors illustrated in the Areas of Concern box.
The code written is 496 lines, but it's spread out with plenty of comments to make for easy reading and adjustments.
The two labels Days1 and Level1 are there just to make programming easier.
The options section will later be expanded.


Here's a partial clip of Game9.
The player has an additional number of options.
But as you can see, it's a work in progress.
It's a cause and effect challenge,
along with an element of risk for each selection.





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