Geometry Problems

Pythagorean Theorem
Circle Problems
Trapezoid Problems
Area Problems
Surface Area of a Cylinder Problems
Similar Triangles - Finding the height of a cliff

Guess the number!
Click on the JavaScript program to run it.

Drawing With The Mouse

Going In Circles?
Feel like you're going in circles?
Click on this and move your mouse over the shown rectangle.
To clean the slate, click on the circular arrow (the refresh button) at the top left of your screen.

Game Program - work in progress
Errors in above - Syntax and undefined variable errors - how to fix both?


Alt Question Error?
Here's the code for the above Alt Question Error.


HTML5 canvas is what I'm using here.
If you're interesting in learning more about Canvas, I'd recommend any of the following:

HTML5 Canvas, by Steve Fulton & Jeff Fulton
HTML5 Canvas Cookbook, by Eric Rowell
HTML5 Canvas from noob to ninja, by Kirupa Chinnathambi




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