Odd Events



Dec. 17, 2023

Returned to same place to pick up a to-go meal that I'd gone to and both left tires were cut a number of times with a knife blade, according to repair place. Took home food in an insulated food sack, so it was hot when I got home 15 min. later. Tasted good, but later that day, bad case of food poisoning, wife said it was that, as to the amount that was thrown up, bad. Prob avoid that place from now on.

Dec. 5, 2023

Received notice on website, SSL renewal going to be a lot more expensive that I thought, but have two months to decide what to do. Erased link to Commentary on main page. Those that have been reading it for a long time know what to click on to keep reading it, so long-time readers won't have trouble finding it.

Dec. 4, 2023

Front tire had to be replaced. Pen knife cut in several places on it, shop wasn't able to repair it. Back tire, also someone used a pen knife it appeared to the shop, 3 or 4 small pen knife punctures, able to patch that. Had only stopped at one place the day before, and I keep the car in the garage, so I know where it happened, anyway.

Dec. 3, 2023

Two flat tires, noticed car down the block couple of houses, lights on bright, was parked on the side, drove off as I came out and looked at the tires. All repair places closed today. Will try charging tires, will see if either or both will hold a charge. Find out tomorrow what caused two flats.


Nov. 21, 2023

Started this, as yestorday, an odd happening occurred.

A guy, roughly 20 years old, came to the door and knocked on it. I answered, and he wanted to know if I was who I am. Said that I was. He claimed to be working for a solar outfit, and wanted to know how I liked it, but he didn't really ask any intelligent questions regarding it. I inquired as to him, and he hedged on naming the company, and had no business card, brochures, anything to ID him. At that point he was nervous and left abruptly. I got to thinking about it this morning and decided to keep a record of ODD EVENTS, just in case more happen.

The past several days I've been sending out more links to Sagebrush Tidbits, the link to the commentary section, more so than I normally do. I sent some locally, and the past three days I've sent a link directly to Trump. It'll probably never get to him, but there you have it. Maybe a need to ID who the writer/publisher of Sagebrush Tidbits is? Or just a coincidence?

At any rate, odd events will be recorded here.