Blender 4.0



Perhaps Blender interests you? I'd suggest as a good foundation for getting into it,
The Complete Guide to Blender Graphics Computer Modeling & Animation, eighth edition, volume 1 & 2, by John M. Blain,
and Learn Blender Simulations the Right Way, by Stephen Pearson.

The Blender program may be downloaded for free from:

A detailed display of Blender's features is available at:

Plus, Blender 2D Animation, The Complete Guide to the Grease Pencil, by John M. Blain is a must read.
I've got the 1st edition of it, 2022, but there's a later edition out now. Actually, it won't be out until
March 1 of this year, for $74.95 paperback, $195.00 for hardcover.
(The edition I have requires one to use the 2.92 version of Blender to follow the examples in it.)



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