Saying guns don't kill people makes as much sense as saying seat belts don't save lives.
Vol. XI, Issue #2________________________________________________February 2024


Editor's Corner:

Trump and the maggots continue their quest, the overthrow of our democracy. They breed corruption and look forward to the control of the U.S. after fall elections.

Too bad for them, there are too many honorable people standing in their way. Eventually Trump and his maggot lot will just be a sour note in the history books, Sad, that the name Republican has fallen to such low levels. True Republicans need to get off the maggot bandwagon.

And now, on to the commentary...




Trump's words have a way of coming back and biting him.


Trump's lack of care for security concerns places Trump a very unlawful position. Let's hope he eventually gets what he deserves. Anyone else, they'd have been locked up long ago, and the key thrown away.


Perhaps, the tooth fairy will visit them and make it right?


Hailey needs to stay in the race, as Trump will soon no longer be seen as a candidate with any chance of winning.


When you can't win the educated, you dumb down higher education, to make your message more meaningful.


Trump, the worst president in history, according to the historians. Actually, that was being kind to him. In so many ways, he hardly qualified as a president.


Trump is winning in the Republican sector, but when he comes up against the educated and more critical in the general election, then he'll have problems.


The big problem for Trump is Trump. He has no respect for our system of government, and given help from the maggots, he'd like to change us into a dictatorship, with him at the top.


Trump and other hotspots will eventually sort themselves out - maybe Trump in jail?


Trump - the second coming? In a pig's eye!


Will Trump give up NATO and Europe to his friend in Russia?


Trump finally is held to account.


Even what some used to call Fox Fables, Trump gets put in his place for his lies.


Finally, there will be some results on one of Trump's trials. The expectation is Trump is not going to like the result.


Trump's plot to steal the election is now before the Supreme Court. Will they do what's right, or will they cower under his corruption?


Trump's determined to tear apart European and American security. The thought that Trump is soon to be our next president can hardly set well with any sane American. From what he's shown the public, once he's in office, he will target those he sees as a threat, and that no laws, not even the Constitution apply to him. In short, he will destroy America. At least he will try. But he'll find that in the long run, he'll get just what he deserves. History books will not be kind to him and his maggots.


Trump's comment that Russia can invade any countries that haven't fully paid their NATO bill and we'd be okay with it, is both reckless and dumb - it undermines the security of all of NATO and also the U.S. Even for you, Trump, that's a stupid comment.


Sad, when the Republican party doesn't support its own members in working out a compromise with Democrats, putting Trump over country.


Is North Korea preparing for war?


It looks like the Supreme Court is going to give Trump a pass.


Trump is to appeal to the very judges he appointed. They will determine if he's above the law. Ironic.


Logic the Supreme Court won't even touch - poor Trump!

Trump's exposed...again.


When you see Trump continue his lies and other crap, do you start to cry too?

He's known for his insults at women.


Trump's preference for lies over truth - he's developing it to a fine art.


Trump - compared to Jesus? That's like comparing night to day.


The voters in Oregon have spoken. You miss ten or more days unexcused from your job in the legislature, you cannot run for reelection. Bravo to the people!


Trump has a most unusual take on his massive legal woes.


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