Vol. XI, Issue #6________________________________________________June 2024


Editor's Corner:


Trump admits he lost! Here's a tape on it.

The maggots are hot at it again. There is something something sadly pathetic in their ramblings and distortions. History will look back at this mob and wonder how people can be so stupid. To call them the Ugly American is hardly in the books. But given time, they will burn themselves out, consumed by their own ignorance. Until them, we just have to hold our nose as they parade their crap and flaunt their ignorance.

Fox News Fables doesn't dare report all of Trump's rally speaches; he's coming unhinged and they know it. Biden is going to trounce the maggot Loser. Democrats should see that the country hears all of each of Trump's speeches; it's the siren of a big time loser.

Cheaters don't like getting caught.

The weak of mind are exploited, and the far right bends religion to suit their distorted logic.

Now we're seeing reported cases of the jury that found Trump guilty, being threatened. This is what mob bosses do; they tell their followers to go after those who stood up against them. Is this what Trump wants the world to see about him? The rich support Trump for his massive tax breaks for their class. But the others of his supporters, why do they follow him? Is it what some call Fox Fables, a constant distortion of reality, the driving force that give power to Trump's actions?

If Trump were smart, and wanted to take the high road, he'd tell his followers to knock it off, and to support the rule of law. That would put him in a much more favorable light with the general population.

It's sad to see the Republican party turn its back on justice and law and order. A leader lacking in character is no leader at all. Yet the Republican party continues to turn a blind eye and support Trump.

My dad was a Republican. I'm a registered Republican, and I voted in the recent primary. However, I've decided to quit the Republican party. As of this coming Monday, I'll be dropping my membership in the Republican party. Were Abe Lincoln alive today, he'd be horrified what his party has become. [Post note: After looking into the paperwork process, I decided to stick with being a Republican. Eventually, sanity will return to the party, although it may take some time.]

Oh, once again, a copy of this will be sent to Trump's email, or what the Trump organization says is his communication input. Frankly, I doubt it goes to him, but one has to try... Oh, and it will also go to others who are in positions of power and leadership, or think that they are.





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