Saying guns don't kill people makes as much sense as saying seat belts don't save lives.
Vol. X, Issue #12________________________________________________December 2023


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The gag order on Trump is back on. He'll have to stop threatening the judge and his clerk, which is dangerous for the safety of both. Civil manners says you don't do that, but Trump makes a habit of threatening anyone he doesn't like, and that hasn't even stopped for the court system, and those who are there to enforce the laws.

It looks very much like Trump is going to win the nomination. Some feel this will be a death sentence for the republican party. If elected, some think that'll be a death toll for the republic.

Kari Lake can't accept that the people rejected her. But her latest court efforts have again failed. Think of her as governor? The people said no, and picked someone else. Oh, the vote wasn't even close on that one! She needs to move on, get a real life, as does the America First crowd.

"To hell with this place" he said, as he left. Santos has now been kicked out of Congress. Let's hope he shut the door on his way out.

Trump must face civil charges, over his failure to do nothing for hours but watch, as the mobs attacked, that's what the court says. Many see his inactions as treason, as do I. But at least now, some degree of justice may be obtained by those who suffered the most under the mob's actions. Trump is a thug and a mobster, and eventually the courts will get him. And yet, there are Republicans that still support him?

Orange Jesus, they call him. Frankly, Trump, as one ignorant liar and bully, can hardly be called Jesus. What am I referring to? Click on the Orange Jesus link for details.

When democrats follow republican precedent, republicans get furious. I say, turn about, fair play!

Santos probably won't be expelled today. That's too bad, but even with all the democrats voting to expel him, as well as most republicans, getting that high count to expel him doesn't look likely. But we'll find out today.





Now Trump is saying he wants to get his "people" at the polls to watch over everyone, to see how they vote.

The gag order is back in use by the court, but still Trump disregards it and makes more threats at the clerk. Trump has three objectives, to force the judge into making a mistake, to rile up his base, and to intimidate the judge to where he'll drop the case. That's what mobsters do. They use their members to "persuade" others not to testify, or as in this instance, to drop the case.

Another fine directed at Trump, a much larger one, might have some effect of getting him to quit his verbal attacks.
At this point it is hard to see what would bring Trump back to civilized behavior.

His party is certainly no help. The name republican once had honor and worth. Trump now owns the republican party. It is his party. Lincoln would be ashamed to know a party with his name supports the actions of what many see as a group of low life and gangsters.

Bundi has left his home, and appears to be in hiding. The house, which is now under ownership of the hospital, was stripped bare of any furnishings last month, and there's no word now where Bundi and family went. Maybe a trip to Florida, a gift of some presidental hopeful?


The principle of Separation of Church and State benefits both. Religion doesn't get watered down, and government can function without being answerable to a religious group. Within our Constitution are rules that prohibit requiring religious membership. This is one reason America has so many diverse religions; government isn't used to narrow the field down. The great stremgth of our country is our diversity. But there's some who fail to see that as a good thing.


One moment he says he'll fix it, and the next he'll get rid of it. Which is it, he means?

Fox Fables News actually did some fact check on some of Trump's comments. Amazing, in the past it was like watching a different dimension.

Four years of revenge, that's what Trump promises. Once elected, will he refuse to leave office once he's completed his term? From what he says, it is unlikely he will leave.



Seeking to discourage the vote count is one objective of a party losing the vote. The plot to use fake electors began to unravel as word of it spread. Seaking to remain in power at any cost is not a pretty picture to look back upon. But tell that to those who tried?

Trump - is he to be a dictator when he comes into power? Would he ever leave office once in it? Doubtful.


Well, another debate is on, with fewer candidates, so it'll be interesting to watch. But until they come out strong against Trump, say that he's too much of a coward to debate, it's not going to have much effect. They need to dig into Trump, and expose his lies, his bully techniques, and his total lack of any qualification to be president. Until they do that, the debate won't have much effect on the Maga vermin.

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