Vol. IX, Issue #8_________________________________ August 2022



The conservative case in favor of Liz Cheney is overwhelming
In the name of Trump, it is sad what the Republican party has become.

August 11

CNN Anchor Tears Into GOP Lawmaker Over Clinton, Trump Double Standard
Once again, Republicans claim the right to be above the law.

August 10

'Unholy force' Marjorie Taylor Greene busted by religious leader for her 'bastardization' of Christianity

August 8

Sen. Lindsey Graham tells Trump to focus on current issues if he wants to win in 2024
Bravo to him. Let's hope Trump will listen but he won't. Trump has got tunnel vision, and it's costing the party big time.

August 7

Bill Barr Says Evidence 'Building' Against Trump in DOJ's Jan. 6 Probe
If Republicans run with Trump and his big lie, they're giving the election to the Democrats.


Dick Cheney torches Trump in ad: 'He's a coward'

Think Trump's first term was a nightmare? Wake up — if he wins again, the worst is yet to come

August 5

Conservatie writer warns US democracy could fail if Trump is elected.
Once, the parties focused on people who followed their views, but could also win over support from "the other side."
Now, on the Republican side, it's simply an attitude of crush the other side.
Biden wanted to work with the other side, but how do you work with a side that has almost no interest in finding a middle ground?

That's the big problem. The Republicans would prefer a one-party rule like China has.
They reject democracy, and only support the parts of the Constitution that they like, and ignore the rest.

The irony?
Once Trump has full control, and Republicans rule,
then the first thing to go will be guns.
You no longer will need them now that the Republicans are in power.
In short, the people who so strongly support the right to have guns, will find their own party takes them away!

August 1


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