Vol. IX, Issue #1_________________________________ January 2022


Alaska will try something completely new in the fall election
On the face of it, this sounds much more logical than what is done now in other states.


Voice of the people: Republican voters must decide - autocracy or democracy

George Conway Details Trump's 'Gravest Crime' For Criminal Prosecution

“You can’t love your country only when you win,” Biden said.
“You can’t obey the law only when it’s convenient.
You can’t be patriotic when you embrace and enable lies.”


You lost Trump.

Put on some big boy pants and grow up!


Trump called off his news conference for Jan. 6th.
That's probably was a wise thing, unless he was planning to apologize to the nation
for doing nothing to stop his mobs from distruction and rioting.

‘A Literal Call to Arms’: Jan. 6 Officers Sue Trump for ‘Directing’ Angry Mob

Trump, Ivanka, Don Jr subpoenaed by NY attorney general
The investigation continues...

Trump endorses Hungary’s Orbán for reelection
As Trump himself has said, the ones he does the best with are the tyrants.
It does appear Trump and his supporters would prefer a one-party country.
Democracy... just doesn't appear to be their "cup of tea."
Those so-called patriots of Trump, that type of person our fathers and forefathers fought against in WWII,
We defeated them then. But will democracy win now?
The Republican Party needs to decide,
whether they support the Constitution or the big lie?

Trump is a defeated former president.

‘We simply did not win the election for the presidency’: GOP senator says no evidence for Trump claims

Extremist forums still brim with violent rhetoric, but disillusionment over Trump is creeping in

Trevor Noah trolls Trump and conservatives with Capitol insurrection monuments

After Jan. 6, secularism is the crucial "guardrail" — and it's fatally weak in America
Sadly, so very true...

A Capitol Police officer who was injured during the Capitol Riot is suing Trump, arguing he 'directed the mob'

Capitol attack panel investigates Trump over potential criminal conspiracy

Republican Adam Kinzinger Describes GOP as 'Unrecognizable,' Says Trump 'Basically Insane'

A former GOP Senate candidate — who filmed himself setting his MAGA hat on fire — says he'll donate $1 million to charity if Trump goes on a live debate with him in Arizona

Romney defends Rounds following Trump rebuke




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