Sagebrush - it covers our lands. Like tidbits of reality, it finds a spot to land and call home.
Sometimes the rains are kind, and it grows. Other times it has to retreat under the hot blaring sun.
Here you'll find a sagebrush of topics - perhaps you'll find something of interest?

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Tales Off The Edge, my 23rd book, is a collection of 21 short stories of mine.
These range from science fiction to western, mystery, romance, to even a choice vampire tale.
While I enjoyed writings these, I'm now back to working on my next novel,
a science fiction - and plotting it always takes a lot of research.

Tales Off The Edge is available on Amazon.

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Scripting in Second Life, Vol. 2


Sagebrush Ramblings

21 Western Short Stories To Fill Your Knapsack?

Travel back to a time when one's word was all that was needed,
and a quick gun meant more than just protection.

Here you'll ramble through stories of the old west,
much of it based on life along the Snake River in southern Idaho.

[These were originally published by The Times-News in Twin Falls, Idaho,
which bought 1st rights from me. They were published in CHAT!]

The Punchbowl Mine
A Tin Cup of Trouble
Justice Western Style
All in a Flash
Back to the Mines
A Cowpoke's Caper
Out On A Limb
The Corpse That Walked
Fit To Be Tied
Snakes Of Another Sort
A Token Of Affection
The Land Grab
Collection Time
An Evening Meal
Widow Jones' Money
McCormick's Trip West
On The Side Of Truth
Hard Times
A Fortune To Find
A Settling Of Accounts

Ah...but didn't you say 21?
Ah...but that knapsack, partner, it looks like you've got a tear in it.




On The Edge Of Eternity

Two vampires travel through time as they try to save humanity
in the ultimate battle against the Old Order.



Icy Waters

An icy canyon road sends a professor to his death.
Town members seek to unravel the mystery behind his death.
Time runs short as a deadly substance trickles along a stream to the nearby river.
Things heat up as two teens learn the downside of using nature's hot tub,
and the map from the local library holds the key to this twisted murder mystery.




Wilted Memories

As the son in a military family, moving around the country
while growing up was the norm for Herman Tailor.
His trials and experiences focused
on a unique antique desk, and the intrigue it created.



The Food Critic Murders

The stagnant, once vibrant town of Tarmac holds many secrets.
Howard Burns has the perfect life working as a food critic
and eating at fabulous restaurants until a divorce turns his world
upside down and a close friend betrays his trust in the courtroom.

A partly moldy paper found in his attic
brings him to realize that things
are not quite as they seemed in the Burns family.

An accident leaves Howard with some startling questions
about his parents, and he sets off to find the answers.
A series of murders stalk him as he makes his way
around town to uncover the truth.



Each to their own, the only way?

Battling an overpowering disease, Edward Chandler decides to cheat death,
and be frozen until future generations can discover a cure.
 He awakes in the 28th century, to find himself up against more than just a fight against cancer.
 He is assisted by a helper robot in his tasks on various planets.
 Will he prevail, or was cancer the kinder option?


The Tangled Web

From a train tunnel murder to a state-wide power grab by the mob, detective Murphy
moves up the ranks to solve crimes in the city of Glendale. Who is the mob boss that Murphy keeps tangling with? All the while a petite bombshell known as Trish keeps trying to work her way into Murphy's life,
and his sister, Gladis, she is just as determined to keep an eye on all his activities.
It is indeed one tangled web geared to keep you reading to the very last page.


Loose Ends

Detective Alfred Shylock is called in to solve a series of city killings when a prominent citizen is knifed
and left to die. He struggles with his beautiful secretary Cindy, to uncover who is behind these terrifying murders. He has to tackle a series of loose ends to finally uncover the mastermind behind it all,
before crime explodes throughout the city.



Scripting In Second Life

The world of Second Life would be very static without the creation of scripts to bring life
and movement to that reality. Here you'll follow the author in the creation of several game programs,
along with the presentation of many useful scripts. You'll also find sources of other scripts, explanation of script
errors, and miscellaneous but useful tidbits to help you as you learn scripting.



A murder at the Free Boy's Bar gets a police chief fired.
Follow him as he tries to catch the killer and unravel just whose twisted mind was behind it all.


The Red Fungi Shadows

Ah, every hour our planet becomes home for dust particles from the universe.
What Littles will invade our homeland next? Does it worry you, when you go outside, just what you touch,
and how it may affect you? Perhaps you should. ...and that mold growing in the corner of your house,
do you really know what's in it? Do give it more than just a passing glance. I would, if I were you...


A Gentle Nudge

Every action has an opposite and equal reaction. That's what they taught us in school.
But some of us in the military didn't listen. This simple statement describes what sends the earth into a new orbit,
and likely extinction for all lifeforms. Not the most desirable of outcomes, this fourteenth novel by the author brings a
hometown detective to the middle of an east-west conflict that comes close to deciding the fate of humanity.
Just perhaps, this fiction warns us of our own future...



Skeletons From The Past

This marks the second novel of the Howard PI detective agency series, which began with The Food Critic Murders.
Here Howard and his new wife Sarah deal with events on what became known as Murder Island,
and learn that sometimes when things sparkle, they may in fact be gold.
Howard comes up against the Watchman, during which a rival gang tries to move in.




Making Ends Meet

Thelma moves in next door. But to what? Murder, or just an accident?
She finds herself drawn into a search for a killer, that leads her and the Hillstreet Girls into a chase that turns on them. From a murder mystery to the realm of political plunder she survives one battle, only to drop into a worse one.
Thelma's plunge into the world as a detective is not without its setbacks and distractions.
Making Ends Meet lands her up in far worse places than the local jail.
Eventually though, all is sorted out, with the help of the Hillstreet Girls.



The Unfolding

Follow the adventure of Wilfred after his divorce, as he meets Rebecca,
and tangles with radical groups, and eventually crosses paths with an alien species.
Eventually things turn full circle, but not until most everything he touches turns upside down.


The Sign Of Pye

Be it resolved, that since the Great Book is known to be without error, then the value of Pye [once referred to as Pi]
shall hereafter be corrected to be 30/10 or 3, instead of the erroneous value attributed to it by centuries of nonbelievers
and other fanatics, that of the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle,
often referred to as approximately 3.14.

The Science of the True Faith is therefore ordered to correct all references and materials
to conform to the truth as revealed by the High Priest of Consciousness.



The Logic of it all

Here you have my thoughts on it all. It's a short piece, only about seven thousand words or so.
But it does pretty much sum things as I see them. Read. Perhaps it'll give you something to think about.
When you get to be my age you hope you've learned a few things that can be passed on,
beside gas,
and the questionable ability to always find an empty parking spot.

So with that said, I hope you enjoy the read.



A Walk With Yin And Yang

Join Yin and Yang as they walk and discuss issues from religion to money.
They often take opposite sides as they tackle the many topics that come to their attention.
Perhaps they will give you a new perspective on subjects you never considered.



God Without All That Dogma

Tired of all the dogma surrounding God? Love God but hate the dogma?
You're not alone. I also hate the dogma. I'm a Deist.
You may be one too and not know it.

Explore with me the meaning and history of Deism. If you've had questions, if you find your faith lacking,
then perhaps taking a journey with me into the world of Deism will open your eyes to the real world around us.
If you're tired of dogma but still marvel at all of creation, then this is a journey you want to take.

In a very real sense, this work has been sixty years in the writing.
God is not dogma. Reason and the ability to think - those are the greatest gifts of God.
Blind faith - that's an insult to our creator.
Take this journey with me, and perhaps you'll find that you too are a Deist!



[Florida readers: Warning, this book involves thinking about issues.]
[Please check with your governor to see if it is allowed.]



How To Bring Technology Into The Classroom

Students can and should be exposed to some aspect of programming,
what it is, and gain a little understanding of what's involved in creating a software program.
If funds are limited, this approach with VB6 involves only a small budget and allows the teacher to create a
computer club after school to develop software for school use. Students will gain a sense of accomplishment,
and at the same time will develop skills in solving problems - in this case basic computer problems.
The teacher and student are walked through writing a basic program,
as technology is brought into the education environment.

[Keep in mind, this was published back in 2011.]



The Life and Accomplishments of Thomas Paine

If you really dig into American History you'll find that Thomas Paine
played a very large role in the foundation of our country. While one of his later writings,
The Age of Reason, brought down the religious establishment upon him,
his efforts during the American Revolution cannot easily be dismissed.
This sixty-eight page look at his life and accomplishment gives the reader
a glimpse into the life of a very important founder of America.




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