Vol. VIII, Issue #10___________________________________________________________________ October 2021

In Christianity, there is no religious belief that justifies not taking the vaccine.
There's no scripture. There's no creed. There's no theological tradition.

Using religion to justify your lack of care for others, if not yourself, is just plain ignorant.

‘We’re Coming After You and Every Motherf***er that Stole This Election’: Disturbing Threats Against 2020 Election Officials Air in Vivid Clip

Trump, you lost! You blew it, between that ego and mouth of yours, threatening every one who even swayed from your almighty claptrap - people just got tired of you.
Seven million more voted against you than for you, and even with your efforts to try to twist the Electoral College in your favor, it didn't work.
You lost! And the more you fight it, the bigger the loser you become.
So do your party a favor and own up to it, and move on!

HBO Exposes the Violent Chaos of Trump’s Jan. 6 Rioters in ‘Four Hours at the Capitol’

Idaho Lt. Gov. McGeachin to bill taxpayers $50,000 for her legal battles
She choose not work with the Idaho Attorney General's Office, which is designed for that purpose - so now, guess who foots her bills, you the taxpayers!

Maine is deciding how to rid the roads of vulgar vanity plates
Dang, no plates with the word "Trump" on them?

F12 isn't hacking: Missouri governor threatens to prosecute local journalist for finding exposed state data
No good deed goes unpunished. Governor, are you really that much of an idiot?

Scottish Dunes Trump Promised To Protect On His Golf Course Are Ruined
I guess they found out how much Trump promises are worth?

A top GOP committee sent a message accusing supporters who hadn't donated of being traitors: 'You abandoned Trump.'
Now they're calling their own people traitors because they woke up to Trump's lies and stopped supporting him!

US to restore full pension of FBI official fired under Trump
Trump's ongoing war with the FBI cost many patriots their jobs.
It's good to see justice does right some of his wrongs.



Or to put it in a nicer way...

Conservative Columnist Marks Fox News' 25th Birthday In The Most Damning Way
That's nothing to be proud of, Fox News!


The Abortion Backup Plan No One Is Talking About
Options for women needing an abortion.

Georgia election official takes the fight to Trump
It's called Integrity, Trump, something you're sorely lacking!

Stephanie Grisham said she was 'part of something unusually evil' in the Trump White House
Sadly so. When (not if) he returns, it will be all about revenge.
The Trump Cult rules the Republican Party.
Their actions, and Republicans looking the other way, will haunt the Republican Party for a long time.

A timeline of Donald Trump's efforts to overturn the 2020 election

Trump National Security Aide Sounds Off on Him and Russia: 'His Fixation Was on Putin'
But is there more to it?

95 percent of Kentuckians under 60 who died of COVID since July were unvaccinated
...and yet, they still refuse to get vaccinated?

Palm Beach Police Ball Will Enrich Trump, Whose Jan. 6 Mob Attacked Officers
Sad, to say the least...

Democrats could throw free community college overboard to get Biden's agenda over the line, the Education Secretary worries
This would be a good item to toss, to keep the rest of the agenda moving forward.

A major point to work for in the agenda would be to give the government the right (like Canada has) to negotiate with drug companies for lower prices.
This is something many major nations have, and it would also save our government a lot of money.
The Republican Party, controlled by the rich and large business interests, of course opposes this.

International Pharmaceutical Spending Controls: France, Germany, Sweden, and the United Kingdom

What's the Latest on Medicare Drug Price Negotiations? | KFF

Three Essentials for Negotiating Lower Drug Prices

Pfizer loses legal battle with big implications for drug pricing

Pro-Trump conspiracy theorists increasingly face legal consequences
Will it be enough to turn around the destortions and lies that some gloat in spreading?


Driver Caught Using Fake Skeleton as Passenger to Drive in Carpool Lane
At least he had his seatbelt on?
Now...if it were a real skeleton, would the driver be legal? ...i.e. does the law require the passenger to be alive?

Court orders FEC to rule on complaints against NRA's alleged campaign coordination scheme
The big problem has been the FEC's failure to enforce our campaign finance laws. Maybe now some actions will be taken...

“God’s Will Is Being Thwarted.” Even in Solid Republican Counties, Hard-Liners Seek More Partisan Control of Elections.

Geraldo Rivera Calls Out ‘Vaccinated D–k Heads Who Urge the Unvaccinated to ‘Fight for Their Freedom’
Where does Fox stand?
90% of the staff at Fox have been vaccinated.
However, its hosts like Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson shove their anti-vaccine views at the public.

Trump Demands Pulitzer Committee 'Rescind' Awards for Russian Collusion Reporting
Trump demands the committee ignore the facts and the good reporting; that's not going to happen.

71 Percent of Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders Blame Trump for Rise in Discrimination: Poll
Cause and effect - a sad example - Will Trump own up to it?

Homeland Security whistleblower claims Trump administration manipulated intelligence reports
Had a democratic administration done what Trump's did, the Republicans would have had them raked over the coals.

Trump Unveils New Super PAC And Twitter Users Can't Stop Howling At The Name

Senate Democrats considering nuking filibuster for debt limit bills
Go with the simple majority rule. The 60% allows the Republicans to block anything constructive.
Were Republicans in power now, they'd go that direction in an instant.

Trump hasn’t been a good businessman for years. His fall from the Forbes rich list just confirms it.

Criminal inquiry into Trump’s Georgia election interference gathers steam

GOP Lawmaker Pushes Insane Claim ‘Octopus-Like Creatures’ Are in Vax

Idaho official says he's sending MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell the bill for an audit debunking the CEO's claims of voter fraud
Good! Stick that bill under his pillow. He needs to pay!

Fox News: 25 years of making everyone's lives progressively crappier
They don't see that it comes back on them?

New York must allow religious exemptions to COVID-19 vaccine mandate, judge rules
Sad, that the so-called religious don't have to follow the same rules everyone else must.
The rules are the rules, and everyone should follow them.
Your beliefs give you special privileges?
We should all play by the same rules.
What you believe or don't believe should not be a factor when it comes to the law.

Big Biz Says Screw You to Texas Guv’s Ban on Vax Mandates
Federal law overrides state law, Guv, you should know that!




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