Vol. IX, Issue #5_________________________________ May 2022


Guns will be banned during Donald Trump's speech at the NRA conference
Bunch of hyprocrites!

Video shows Ted Cruz storming off after British journalist asks why mass shootings happen ‘only in America’
You never aswered the question, Teddy?

May 27

Jimmy Kimmel Calls Out 'Cowardly' Republicans By Name In Scathing Opener

Republicans talk trash about Trump as endorsements flop
Eventually, they realize that Trump is the real RINO of the Republican party.

“Enough Was Enough”: How Australia Reformed Its Gun Laws & Ended Mass Shootings After 1996 Massacre
How many more kids will die before we recognize that owning a gun should be a privilege and not a right?

The 2nd amendment be damned!

May 26

Trio of Judges hand down ruling against Florida law on social media as unconstitutional
Bravo to the judges! Oh, Governor DeSantis, up yours!

May 25

Here in Nampa, Idaho, the school district has ordered 22 books removed 'forever' from the school libraries.
The list included "The Bluest Eye" by Toni Morrison, "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close"
by Jonathan Safran Foer, and "The Handmaid's Tale" by Margaret Atwood.
At this time there's no indication they're looking at removing the Old Testament of the Bible,
so faithful followers can rest assured there, at least for the time being.

The Handmaid's Tale Book Review: A Dystopian Masterpiece (bookanalysis.com)

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close - A Review of why the book is so important

The Bluest Eye - Common sense book for any US literature class

This book is written from the perspective of a young African American woman during the 1940s, about her life, struggles and her quest to essentially feel or be white.
Although some may consider it graphic and overly sexual, it’s an accurate representation of how young African American women felt during those times,
as well as the African Americans place in society during the early and mid 20th century.
It truly is a literary masterpiece, and absolutely appropriate for 15 and above.

In Texas Pharmacies, a Chilling Side Effect of Abortion Bans Is Already Playing Out
Republicans aren't the smartest when they write legislation.

May 24

You can't be pro-life and anti-gun control.
Owning a gun should be a privilege, not a right.

Seven million more voters voted for Biden than Trump,
and yet many Republicans still think Trump won.
It's long past time to get rid of the Electoral College.
One person - one vote, that's how civilized nations elect their leaders.

Trump is the real RINO.
Republicans, wake up!
Trump's only agenda is to go after anyone who opposes him.
Trump and Putin have a lot in common.
Do Republicans support one-party rule, or our Democracy?
They need to decide.
Perhaps they already have?


Only 17% of eligible Idaho voters voted in ldaho primaries last year.
Want to get more citizens involved?
Have a general run-off open to all voters, the top two candidates in a field to run off in the fall.

May 17

News organizations have standards and don't slant the news.
Fox calls itself a news organization.
To refer to them as Fox Fables would be a more precise naming.

Fox News, as it calls itself, would be a good place to start.

How about it, Fox?


May 15

Big Tech lobbyists are calling on the Supreme Court to block a Texas anti-censorship law, warning it would open the floodgates to extremist content

Commentary On The Practice Of Picketing Homes Of Judges And Other Officials

Some may see this as a good way to show their support for or against an issue.
However they will likely achieve the very opposite of what they desire, a change in policy or opinion on a public matter.
One's home and family should be off limits. When you cross that line you'll most likely hurt your cause rather than help it.

Column: How the stench of corruption from Trump's administration persists to the present day|
There used to be honor in calling oneself a Republican.
Trump RINOs changed all that.
Irony - Trump, the biggest RINO of the lot,
has yet to learn MIGHT does not mean RIGHT.

He is no Republican by a long shot.
Thank God for the Pences of the party.


May 14

Georgia rally shows Pence cutting his own path, regardless of Trump
Bravo! There's hope for the Republican party yet!

Pence backs Georgia's Kemp in opposition to Trump

Good for Pence!
Trump is no Republican.
He hasn't got the morals of an alleycat.
Trump's only agenda is his own ego, and trying vainly to prop it up.
The Democrats would love for Trump to run in 2024.
Trump's the real RINO of the Republican party.
Pence protected the Constitution,
and saved our country from a wanta-be dictator.


Downtown Boise bookstore displays books Nampa school board ‘doesn’t want you to read’

May 13

Trump sees 'vengeance' on the political horizon
If Trump runs, and he probably will, the Republicans will be crushed by a majority
of the country that doesn't like his vengeful approach to anyone who opposes him.

While he had 7 million more votes against him last time,
he'll probably lose the popular vote by more than 10 million in 2024.

But - that doesn't mean he'll lose the Electoral count.
A few key states are all it takes to sway an election.

The Electoral College is America's weakest link.

Trump lost last time because of the courage of citizens
who put truth and right over the bullying efforts to falsely throw the election to Trump.
But Trump and his supporters don't have Pence to worry about this time.
He stood up for the Constitutiion and the rule of law,
and that crushed Trump's attempt at undermining the fair vote of the people.

But, were Trump to win in 2024,
his main agenda will be to go after anyone who opposed him.
Trump, is actually the biggest RINO of all.
True Republicans play fair and respect the other party.
Trump, to put it nicely, lacks any moral code or respect for our government or institutions.

In short,

Comrade Trump has so much in common with Putin
that the Republican Party if they had any sense would turn on him.

Ammon Bundy Sued for ‘Knowingly Dishonest and Baseless Smear Campaign’ Accusing Idaho Hospital of Trafficking and Killing Children (msn.com)

Hospital sues Ammon Bundy, others involved in Boise protests over child welfare case
When you cause a hospital to go into lockdown, you can probably expect consequences.

May 12

Wait until students figure out that DeSantis’ Florida and communism are bedfellows! | Opinion
Sadly so. Yes, they are certainly lacking in self-awareness.

Multiple fake electors cooperating in Georgia criminal probe of Trump's efforts to overturn 2020 election
The justice system may be slow, but eventually the liars and cheats are caught and justice is served.

Pro-Trump network finally walks back bogus claims of voter fraud
Trump lies exposed and the network is fined - Truth wins!

Fox News' Most Blatant Double Standard Exposed In New 'Daily Show' Supercut

May 11

Trump's ex-defense chief says he won't back Trump in 2024
Gosh, Trump doesn't put country over self?
He lacks integrity and principle?
He doesn't bring people together or unite the country?
Gosh - who'd have thought?

Mississippi governor refuses to rule out banning contraception


Trump’s Former Fixer Says Missing Tapes Would Prove Trump Lied
Trump lied? Who'd thought?

Trump 'didn't seem to care' that the law required him to release millions in aid to Ukraine that he froze while pressuring Zelenskyy, his ex-Pentagon chief says
Trump's failure to back Ukraine - not to mention his breaking the law - how does he sleep at night?

May 9

Gov. Hogan urges voters to 'stand against the extremes'
What would benefit each of the states would be for each state to have a primary where everybody could vote
on all the candidates, and then the top two would run against each other in the general election.
That would force everyone to concentrate on the issues and what's best for the state,
instead of a power struggle between the parties, with the interests of the state and the people left out of the discussion.

May 3

Fox's Maria Bartiromo fed Trump's chief of staff the questions she planned to ask him ahead of an on-air interview
Not at all the most ethical thing for an interviewer to do, but then again typical of what some call Fox Fables.

Georgia special grand jury to convene Monday to investigate Trump’s effort to overturn the election
You may remember the news of Trump trying to pressure an official
to find 12,000 votes to sway that state's Electoral College vote to him.
That's the big problem with our Electoral College system.
A few key "swing" states decide the direction of the country.
It doesn't matter that Trump lost the popular vote by seven million votes.
So election efforts by the whole nation focus on a few key states.
All the other states, their interests, their concerns, really don't matter in the big picture of getting elected.
The Electoral College no longer serves its purpose.
In short, it is America's weakest link. We should replace it with the popular vote.

Learning more about Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs' not-so-little role in the attempted coup
Here again, the Electoral College shows us it's America's weakest link.
The popular vote - how civilized countries elect their leaders.

May 1


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