Vol. IX, Issue #9_________________________________ September 2022



Former federal prosecutor: A "day of reckoning" is coming for Trump — but he's not going to jail

Sept. 19

Merrick Garland lectures on 'the rule of law' after Trump judge ruled former president deserves special treatment
Shame on Trump's judge! For shame, for shame, for shame!
The rule of law, a basic foundation block.
Here in this country, all are equal under the law.
Special treatment for Trump goes against the very foundation of our system.

DENIED! Trump-Appointed Judge Says Trump Must Pay FULL Cost of Mar-a-Lago Special Master Review
Good for the judge! When Trump throws a wrench in the way of justice, he should pay for it!
He'll still get what is due him, it just may take the government a little longer.

Sept. 17

It’s Time to Call MAGA a National Security Threat


The ‘60-Day’ Rule Doesn’t Exist. It’s Time to Charge Trump Now.

Sept. 15

'Highest price tag': FBI official explains why Trump may have kept docs pertaining to foreign nuclear secrets
Should we be surprised?

Sept. 13


The Queen Once Shared Strong Feelings About Donald Trump In The Most Subtle And Royal Way

Sept. 9

'Biased And Corrupt' Trump Judge Defied Law In Assigning Special Master, Legal Expert Says



Sept. 6

Trump is 'setting the stage for a kind of pro-Trump paramilitary force': analyst

Sept. 3

Palin Loses Special Election for Alaska House Seat
The people have spoken!

Ranked choice is how all voting should be done.
That way you'll get a representative that the majority of people find acceptable.

Party primaries end up selecting the most extreme candidates on both ends, then the final one or the other voting yields "the least of two evils" - at best.
Instead, if you have a primary where the top few go on to the main election, then the people get to choose among those.
That, is the best FOR THE PEOPLE.

'He just provided the government with proof!' CNN legal analyst reveals how Trump keeps incriminating himself

Knowing all this, what will the legal system do? If they treat Trump as a normal person, he'd have the book thrown at him,
and he'd be lucky to get only ten years. On the other hand, he's done so much they can't ignore it. He's not above the law.
He's made it impossible for the law to look the other way.

Biden could pardon him, on the condition he never run for office again.
He could get a couple of years, with all of his illegal actions baring him from office.
At any rate, his day of reckoning is here.

Sept 1


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