Sagebrush Tidbits

The Electoral College - America's weakest link.
One person = One vote. The popular vote - A better solution.

Trump's vote - 74,111,419 ------------------------------------------------ Biden's vote - 81,009,468

Vol. VIII, Issue #7___________________________________________________________________ July 2021


Trump lost the popular vote by almost 4 million votes to Hillary.

Trump lost the popular vote to Biden by seven million votes.

Were Trump to run again, he'd lose the popular vote by over ten million votes.

But could he cheat his way to win the electoral college?

Republicans want a one-party rule like China and Russia, their party.

And once they have it,

the first thing they'll do is take away all your guns,

as they'll say you don't need them, now that they're in power.

If you still support Trump,

Think hard about where he's trying to take you and this country.